Asian/Irish Cultural Festival Bray



The festival aims to showcase the diversity, multi-culturism and integration between Irish, Asian and all communities in Bray, Dublin and further afield. Offering to bring together the very best elements of the Asian and Irish cultures, blending tradition with more contemporary cultural activities.

Anatoly Kudryavitsky will be facilitating a workshop on Haiku and for the fashion minded, we will be demonstrating the art of wearing a Kimono. There will be traditional Indonesian and Irish dancing and of particular interest for horticulturists is the workshop given by Lot Gernan from the Philippines on how to maintain and cultivate (Japanese) Bonsai trees. We will also be showcasing Asian food, including a free Nepalese cooking workshop as well as some variations on the theme, such as Asian inspired pizzas!

1.20- 1.50pm: Brendan Nolan: Tales of Wicklow and Dublin: Brendan will be regaling festival goers with stories from his Tales of Wicklow and Dublin. And will have a story for every member of the family, no matter what age!

2-.30pm: The poet Anatoly Kudryavitsky from the Irish Haiku Society will be facilitating a workshop on the three line traditional Japanese prose!

4.50-5.10pm: Mary Dinan will be reading from her book, the Global Suitcase; a compilation of interviews with everyday people and well-known personalities who have travelled extraordinary journeys or lived unusual lives!




The Bealtaine Writers


The Bealtaine Writers Group are reading their POEMS at the Irish Writers Centre on the 7th May, 1 pm till 2 pm as part of the Bealtaine Festival and part of Poetry Day Ireland. The group includes Judy Russell, Rosy Wilson, Bernie Kenny as local poets alongside twelve other poets from all over- Monaghan, Drogheda. Dublin, Kildare, Meath etc. All are welcome and admission is FREE.…/bealtaine-writers-festival-r…