Bray Arts


Founded in 1996 Bray Arts is a forum for arts practitioners and anyone with an interest in the arts. Its objectives are :-

q  to promote and develop the idea that art is for everyone in the community.

q  to provide  emerging artists opportunities to show and present their work in a supportive and appreciative environment.

q  to develop a community where there is a confident and a vibrant attitude to art and creativity in all its forms.

q  to participate, lobby and initiate public debate on important issues relating to artists, art and supporting structures and resources.

Bray Arts  membership is open to everyone and includes visual artists, writers, musicians, performance artists and arts administrators. It is run by a committee of volunteers. Its main activities are:-

q  Monthly Arts Evenings

q  Monthly Journal

q  Community Arts Activities

q   A Bray Arts Website www.brayarts.net.

The monthly Journal, is a vital and essential part of Bray Arts’ activities where views and opinions on all aspects of the arts are articulated and aired. The journal also contains poetry, short stories, novel extracts, reviews, critiques of the performances at the monthly Arts evenings, artist profiles, news, what’s on, letters and photography.

The committee have worked hard to establish the Bray Arts Journal as a quality journal in which writers aspire to have their creative work published.

The monthly Arts evenings give visual artists, writers and performance artists in all categories an opportunity to present their particular artistic work or performance in an appreciative and encouraging environment. Bray arts in the community includes the Bray Summer festival, Bloom’s Day in Bray and music workshops in disadvantaged areas of  Bray. New and emerging artists are encouraged by Bray Arts and join with more established artists in a very broad and enthusiastic arts  network in a catchment area covering South County Dublin, North Wicklow and West Wicklow.

Membership is totally open and everyone is encouraged to come to the Arts evenings.

For further information ring: 01 2864623 or see the web site: www.brayarts.net


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