————– BRAY ARTS SHOW ———–– –——Monday 1st February 2016——-

n e x t   B R A Y   A R T S   S H O W   :


M A R K     L A W L O R   –  a r t i s t

It’s the visual story of a family. A series of mono – prints that has the tale of Daedalus at its core. Daedalus was a wonderful smith, and that is all that can be said with any truth about him.

B R I A N   Q U I G L E Y  –  w r i t e r

short-listed for the Sunday Tribune New Irish Writing poetry award will share his poetry and short stories created over the past 25 years and published in various literary journals.

D A V E   F L Y N N  –  a r t i s t

Will show several pieces based on nature and life that illustrate the kind of artwork that he likes and the surprising process involved in his more recent Pop – styled and narrative works.

T H E    C A R T Y    S I S T E R S  –  three – piece  group

Will present their unique and captivating sound rooted in Trad and the Irish language with a distinctive edge that is part Folk and part Americana with influences of jazz, ethnic and country.


Doors open 8:00 pm

everyone is welcome

Admission: €5 & €4 conc.

information: Julie-Rose McCormick, 087 248 6751  –  follow bray arts on facebook or visit www.brayarts.net – see our blog at http://www.brayarts.com


photos from the last show

here are the pictures and some videos from the January’s BRAY ARTS show:

MOOD SWINGS  Trio singing a cappella version of Blackbird:

JOANNE BOYLE presenting her work:

RAVI KASINATHAN & the SEA CREATURES performing their song ‘lonely heart’:

————– BRAY ARTS SHOW ———–  —-Monday 11th January 2016—-


M O O D    S W I N G S    S O N G   T r i o  ( A Capella )
Ruth Corbett, Hazel Evans and Marion Smith well-known in the Hotspot love to sing with a good mix of songs that would cover most tastes to open up the New Year.

J O A N N E    B O Y L E
Will show how she uses dance and the language of the body to explore the void, infinity and negative capability through text, drawing, time-based sculptural installations and paint.

R A V I    K A S I N A T H A N    and   the    S E A    C R E A T U R E S
Will bring a wealth of original songs and music from himself and the members of Sea Creature: Justin McCann , Damien and Johnny Joyce and Caoimhe Messitt, who having been gigging around Bray.