————– BRAY ARTS SHOW ———–  —-Monday 11th January 2016—-


M O O D    S W I N G S    S O N G   T r i o  ( A Capella )
Ruth Corbett, Hazel Evans and Marion Smith well-known in the Hotspot love to sing with a good mix of songs that would cover most tastes to open up the New Year.

J O A N N E    B O Y L E
Will show how she uses dance and the language of the body to explore the void, infinity and negative capability through text, drawing, time-based sculptural installations and paint.

R A V I    K A S I N A T H A N    and   the    S E A    C R E A T U R E S
Will bring a wealth of original songs and music from himself and the members of Sea Creature: Justin McCann , Damien and Johnny Joyce and Caoimhe Messitt, who having been gigging around Bray.


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