n e x t BRAY ARTS s h o w Monday, 9 MAY


The Shed Poets

Popular published poets Bernie Kenny, Carol Boland, Maureen Perkins, Judy Russell, Marguerite Colgan and Rosy Wilson return to read from their individual collections and group anthologies.


Ariyana Ahmad – graphic artist 

Makes use of pens, brushes and black ink to focus on creating intricate patterns and melancologic detail Representing fantasy and mythical subjects for escapism and therapy.


i am niamh – solo multi- instrumentalist

The Avant-garde Niamh Parkinson will engage her wonderful voice, cello, digital piano and percussive instruments to create a unique focus on experimental quirky electronica sounds.


Doors open 8:00 pm

e v e r y o n e   i s   w e l c o m e

Admission: €5 & €4 conc.

Information: Julie-Rose McCormick, 087 248 6751

Follow bray Arts on facebook or visit www.brayarts.net


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