Brayarts Show Monday April 3rd 17′

Bray Arts Show

Martello Hotel, Bray Monday 3th April 2017

Doors open 8:00 pm

everyone is welcome

Admission: €5 & €4 conc.


Brian Quigley                      Poet & JournalistBrian has been writing for 25 years, mainly poetry and journalism His book [‘Tommy’]  is a memoir of his grandfather. Brian`s father lived in Bray all his life, which was also almost the entirety of the 20th century. This is his story of life in the town and what it was like to live in Bray through Risings, World Wars and advancing technology.

Wendy Stephens
Wendy Stephens’ clown alter ego is Lucy. ‘Lucy likes to sing, dance and play the guitar. She is very shy but

sometimes, now and again, a very odd time… she does like to show her
talents. But remember she is shy, so please be nice.

Polyana Composer & Sound Artist

‘Polyana – Urban Musical Regeneration  is a composer and sound artist, whois currently exploring the relationship between rhythmic spaces, tonal and atonal synthesis, and found urban sounds

Chaos In Harmony

‘Chaos In Harmony Vocal Ensemble is a Community Music Collective.Formed in 2006 they are now based at Common Ground Food, Craft and Skills Co-op in Bray..

Bray Arts Show

Information: Julie- Rose McCormick       087 248 6751

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