Brayarts Show Nov 5th 18′ @ 8pm The Martello


The Art and the Voice of Édith Piaf on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of her death
in 1963, age 47 .

An illustrated memoir written and presented by George Fleeton

Lorraine O Brien Storyteller
Meet Peig Meg, Seanachai, Lilter of tunes, and seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. Some say she is a Witch others say she is a Shape –Shifter. There are those who swear she is in cahoots with the Pookas and the Fairies. Peig however assures us she is merely a Walking Women telling her stories. .
The enigmatic character of Peig Meg, Shanachai was, created and is performed by Lorraine O Brien who is passionate about keeping the oral tradition of storytelling alive.

Cheyenne Black singer/songwriter/producer

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Photos from the October Arts Night

Photography by: Deirdre Ridgeway




The Shed Poets Society

Musicians – Brian Whelan and John Hutchings who played tribute to the music of Gordon Lightfoot.

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Photographic work showcased – Deirdre Maher Ridgeway






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Oct 1st, The Martello, 8pm

Celebration of the work of Canadian troubadour Gordon Lightfoot on his 80th birthday.

Gordon Lightfoot is undoubtedly Canada’s greatest songwriter. Internationally he is credited with being a huge influence in defining the folk-pop sound of the 60’s and 70’s. He is a folk-rock legend. Bob Dylan has acknowledged him as his favourite song writer.
As he approaches his 80th birthday, Wicklow based singers/guitarists Brian Whelan and John Hutchings will pay tribute to Gordon Lightfoot with their interpretation of some of his best songs.

FullSizeRender Brian Whelan


The Shed Poets Society
In the property world ” Location ” we are told is the magic word .
In the realm of poetry it could be just as important . Once I visited the Poets’ Shed perched as it is on a clifftop ledge overlooking Killiney Bay . Here is this idyllic location the poets meet each week to write and read their poetry , to polish and perfect it.


Deirdre Maher Ridgway is a photographer from Bray.
Photography is definitely my passion. I find myself taking at least a few photos every day.
As a child, I used to love going to my grandparents’ house, digging out the old box brownie cameras from the shoe press and playing photographer. But the lens never seemed to move to the way I wanted. When you moved the camera right the image seemed to move to the left and vice versa, much to my frustration. However, this knowledge came in handy in my adult years, using a square format camera. I was fortunate enough to have studied analogue photography in IADT a few moons ago. The darkroom was always the place I wanted to be. Processing the latest roll of film, then seeing my images appear before my eyes. Pure magic, and dare I say, nearly a lost art.
But, photography took a back seat, when I started my family. Once my children had grown up, and I decided to go back to work, it was easier to find jobs in other fields. Plus, digital photography had become the new master. It’s so easy now for people to take photos with little or no skill; you can take as many as you like with no cost and easily edit them to near perfection.
I am slowly, but surely picking up the camera again in a professional capacity and I am really looking forward to my photographic renaissance. Photography gives me a creative freedom that I struggle to get from any other source.

deirdre_maher_ridgway1  deirdre_maher_ridgway4 deirdre_maher_ridgway2







Sept 3rd Mon Brayarts @ The Martello 8pm


RetroFix….. “A bunch of highbrow savages..” aptly described by our original drummer and poet, Kenny Doran. The band revel in this perceptive one-liner that sums up the band’s broad spread of talents and influences.

Fancy grooving to some 60s jazz? Or how about some American surf rock? Some classic soul anyone? Or some 70s funk? Maybe even some Reggae for the craic. Retrofix has all this and more.

The members of RetroFix hail from a variety of musical and artistic backgrounds… jazz, rock, electronic, modern classical composing, poetry, visual arts, traditional, drama, brass band, punk, funk, swing, and even conducting, making for an unusual and refreshing meeting of minds, and a very interesting collective creative space.

This 7 piece ensemble doesn’t hold back and is guaranteed to knock your socks off! Playing an eclectic mix of original material as well as a few jazzy/funky/soul and bossa classics, Retrofix will take you away to a completely different era (possibly a completely different planet). Music that makes you want to dance/jive/twist/bop/shout/boogie/spin/shake a leg/get down/get up again… you won’t be able to stay seated!

RetroFix’s live performance lights up as the band takes obvious pleasure in bringing their own unique style to the stage, with their unusual take on quirky classics, and an ever- growing collection of original music. Come one, come all to the vintage music savour!

Check out our most recent music video for our original song “Highbrow Savages” on YouTube.


Brayarts Show Tuesday 5th June @ 8pm

Welcome, reader, to the latest volume of the Bray Arts Journal.

Since the publication of our last journal, to coincide with the Bray Literature Festival last November, Bray Arts has moved our monthly gathering from the first Monday each month to the first Tuesday, and from The Martello to Jim Doyle’s, two doors down. We hope to see you there regularly.

We are featuring the work of a number of new writers in this volume but also welcome the contributions from many of our regular contributors.
Laugh at the dilemma of a weight watcher, take a train journey to Wexford , read poetry collections from Rosy, Brian and Anthony. Thrill to another short story by Tanya and hear how love conquers all, even dementia.
We hope that tonight you will enjoy the presentations of a number of the authors whose work is included in this particular volume of the journal.

The editor and the editorial team thank you all for your continued support of our work In providing local artists and authors with a platform for their work
Please enjoy and consider submitting some of your own work for future publication to


Brayarts Show Tuesday 5th June @ 8pm
Venue Jim Doyle’s Back Bar , Bray Seafront.
Adm : 5 euros Conc : 4 euros
Writers: The latest Brayarts Journal of local writers will be launched , with writers presenting their new works. Come and meet the writers.
Photographer: Zac Campbell
Underwater Wildlife photographer Zac Campbell will take you through a mesmerising underwater world of sea
creatures .
Musicians: Tom Dalton with his band Celtic Grace
Celtic Grace will play their acoustic set , and with their passionate belief , that music can benefit mental health .
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Celtic Grace Accoustic Band Celtic Grace Accoustic Band

Tom Dalton founded Celtic Grace Gospel Choir in 2009. The idea was to form a group that
would perform at special events. Tom is a member of both Enniskerry Gospel Choir and
Unity Gospel choirs. The idea for Singing For Your Mental Health day was born on Christmas 2007 in Arklow Golf Club. Waiting for the frost to clear Tom asked Neville Cox the Musical Director of Enniskerry Gospel Choir to do a concert in aid of Newcastle Hospital and Mental Health Ireland. He agreed. The rest is history. Judy McGrath and Barbara Davis came on board. The concert took place in March 2009, one of the highlights of Tom’s life.


RTE Big Music Week was a huge success. Thousands of people around the country came out to celebrate the very best of home grown musical talent, The RTE Big Music Week train traveled all over Ireland showcasing the work of Irish songwriters,
singers and musicians with broadcasts across all of RTE’s services. Search for Celtic Grace on Facebook to see photos from the event. Celtic Grace are available for events so contact Tom Dalton at 087-2783342 or 01-2890830 or email
for details.

The following year, Ireland celebrated World Mental Health Week with a national week of choral singing, promoting the message that Choral Singing Is Good for your Mental Health.
Choirs up and down the country got together with local Mental Health Associations to
promote the message. Tom asked the volunteers from Enniskerry Gospel choir to come

Zac Campbell from Goatstown. I work in Google as a product quality analyst as my day job but where I go to regenerate is the sea! I hope to give everyone a brief intro into how I got into the sea through swimming at Seapoint as a child, to joining a diving club in University to even taking up Underwater hockey played in the National Aquatic Centre. The water is a magical place and I believe it’s important to share the magic of what lies beneath!”




GREATER LOVE by Jack Plunkett
A song about dementia, but also about the endurance of love and the mysterious
power of song.
It’s alright if you can’t recall my name
Why don’t we just sing an old song?
The Twelfth of Never, Love Me Tender
And I’ll try to sing along
Through these tears, I’ll sing along
You once knew me better than I knew myself
Now you’re not sure who I am
Let me sit by your side, let me hold your hand
And perhaps you’ll remember my name
And you’ll pretend you know our children
And you’ll pretend you know me
And maybe you do, in your own secret way
Who can say, love, who can say?
So go to sleep, my tired girl
I’ll be waiting for you in your dream
And we’ll laugh and we’ll talk about everything
And you’ll call me by my name
It’s alright if you can’t recall my name
Why don’t we just sing an old song?
The Twelfth of Never, Love Me Tender
And I’ll try to sing along
Through these tears, I’ll sing along
“You ask how long I’ll love you, I’ll tell you true
Until the twelfth of never, I’ll still be loving you”