————– BRAY ARTS SHOW ———–– -–——Monday 7th March 2016———

B R E D A   W A L L   and   K A T E  D E M P S E Y  
– p o e t r y

Two award-winning leading international poets broadcast and published in many journals in Ireland and abroad will illustrate the best of their celebrated works and creative writing


D A R R A G H   M U L D O W N E Y  –  p h o t o g r a p h e r

With an astounding slideshow on the making of ‘Out of Thin Air’ sailing all the way to Greenland to capture images of the surreal nature of the glacier and exquisite ice sculptures


B R A Y   A R T S   D R A M A   G R O U P       –  A L B E R T  –            a  h i l a r i o u s   o n e   a c t    c o m e d y

Fiona Keane, Simon Maxwell, Martin Davidson desperately trying to understand without a word in common and an unexpected  outcome, directed by Derek Pullen and stage manager Lucy Lynch


Doors open 8:00 pm

everyone is welcome

Admission: €5 & €4 conc.

information: Julie-Rose McCormick, 087 248 6751  –  follow bray arts on facebook or visit    www.brayarts.net – see our blog at http://www.brayarts.com


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