“Memoirs of a Wasteland Balladeer”

“Memoirs of a Wasteland Balladeer”
An Exhibition of works by John Cooney

Monday 4th –Sunday 10th April 2016

Images from the Exhibition:



Signal Arts Centre is delighted to be exhibiting works by the very talented Artist John Cooney

Cooney is a published poet and artist who has been writing poetry since he was a young man in his twenties. Over forty years later, and he is still writing.

John’s poems speak eloquently for themselves. Lovingly and skilfully handcrafted, the words can move you deeply in ways you can’t quite fathom, which is a rare thing.  His poems have depth and weight to them, which have the ability to reveal new truths and illuminations at every reading. They challenge the reader to ponder and to allow them to be taken on a journey to unforeseen destinations.  Threaded through his work is a timelessness, which defies definition

Cooney’s exhibition “Memoirs of Wasteland Balladeer” is a depiction of his personal process as a poet and artist. It tells of his journey, his painting, and poems are shown against the backdrop of the people, places, personal experiences and historical events that have inspired his work over the years. Cooney speaks often about how the artistic process has helped him in overcoming the challenges of living with adversity or as he puts it himself having to sometimes face into the “dark side of the soul”.

His love and appreciation of art, nature and humanity in all it guises, are resonant through the rich imagery of his poetry and artwork.

Memoirs of a Wasteland Balladeer will take it audience on a journey through a landscape often depictive of austerity, political unrest and at times even sadness but throughout John’s artwork and poems offer a reprieve and a sanctuary.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see into the world of a true master of both Literature and Art.


Opening Reception: Friday 8th April, 7-9 pm
All welcome!
Gallery Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 10am -1pm/2pm – 5pm
Saturday/Sunday:  10am – 5pm


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